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Elevate Leadership Community is a community of Leaders Who are Committed to Creating Breakthrough Results in their Business, Careers, Relationships, Health, Spirituality and Personal Power using Proven Tools and Distinctions learned experientially.

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Upcoming ELC Core Trainings
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Intro May 26-28 Breakthrough June 8-11, 2023
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Everything You Need to Know About the ELC Trainings
ELC Trainings:
The ELC Core Training is made up of Intro to Discovery and Breakthrough Experience.  After completing the Core Trainings, participants can choose to enroll into our 3 month Mastermind Leadership Coaching Program.  
Intro to Discovery
This is where you discover your full potential, and what may be in the way of realizing your dreams and goals.

This three-day curriculum is where you gain insights around who you are and what it will take to realize your full potential.  You will create a vision for yourself and your life that's far beyond what you believe is possible.

You will begin to identify what is causing the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life. We call these your blocks. 
Pinpoint your specific limiting belief and begin to reinvent yourself.

You will leave this life-altering experience with new tools to create healing in your relationships and exponential results in your business, career, finances and health so you can finally share your gifts with the world and be the best version of yourself.
Breakthrough Experience
This is where you will let go of your limiting beliefs once and for all.  You will have an opportunity to step into the shoes of the the person you have always wanted to be and never look back. 

This four-day training is literally life defining. Rather than just thinking or talking about change, you will create a cellular shift in who you are being for the rest of your life.  

You'll break through your fears and step into your power to be the leader who lives the life you truly want and deserve to live.

Mastermind Leadership Coaching
MLC is where you anchor all the work you did in the Intro and Breakthrough. You'll put all the tools you learned and all the breakthroughs you had to work in your own life and begin applying them, so they become second nature.

In this three-month follow on coaching program, you'll author and declare big goals and be held to account by your coach and your leadership team.

Through weekly coaching, intensive training modules, experiential team-building and an unforgettable retreat, you'll become more effective in your life.

Ultimately, you'll know how to solve challenges, how to create massive results and how to heal and nurture relationships in a graceful and powerful way.
Completion of the Intro to Discovery and 
Breakthrough Experience is a prerequisite for MLC.

Find out what ELC participants are saying:

Since the core trainings my perspective of life has completely shifted. 
I relate to stress, challenge, adversity, and even day-to-day life entirely differently. 
The ELC trainings have allowed me to live in possibility and provided me with 
the tools to connect with others in ways I didn’t know possible. 
The ELC Trainings have been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself.

Megan Haynes - ICU Nurse

I went into these trainings feeling lost, confused and frowning. I came out feeling present, clear and smiling. Life just feels better now. I was someone who tended to overthink things. I would get caught up in a continuous loop of self-judgement and comparison analysis. While I had external freedom with a comfortable career, I didn’t experience internal freedom. The ELC trainings were challenging and fun, mostly challenging, and so worth it. The trainings really allowed me to get out of my head, into my heart, calm down, have more connected relationships, create more physical health, take more aligned action and just feel better. Today, I am less irritable, quick to move on from frustration and more fulfilled and positive. If you’re considering doing the ELC training but are unsure, I invite you to just enroll anyway. For me, it was transformative and feels like the gift that keeps on giving years later..

James Swanwick
Entrepreneur, Coach and Public Figure

I went into this experience with a slight optimism and a lot of skepticism. To my surprise it was so much more than just a class. It awakened me to my true potential and gave me the confidence and courage to pursue my own business! Now I understand that I am truly the creator of my life!

Alejandra Pena - Hollywood Hair and Makeup Artist

Upcoming ELC Training Dates:

ELC21 Dates:

  • Intro: May 26-28, 2023
  • Breakthrough: June 8-11, 2023
  • Location: Virtual Intro / In Person Breakthrough in Orange County, California

Other ELC Dates

    Intro Workshop hours:  
    Friday 9am to 9pm
    Saturday 9am to 9pm
    Sunday 9am to 6:30pm
    Celebration begins 6:30pm

    Breakthrough hours:  
    Thursday 10am to 10pm
    Friday 10am to 10pm
    Saturday 9am to 10pm
    Sunday 10am to 6:00pm
    Celebration begins 6:00pm.
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